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Mahsun Blade Window Cleaner(LARGE)

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Mahsun Blade Window Cleaner(LARGE)

MAHSUN BLADE WINDOW CLEANER is marketed in two different sizes: SMALL (20181), which is as wide as 23 centimeters, and LARGE (20126), which is as wide as 34 centimeters. It has a rubber blade made of soft PVC that does not leave a trace of washing liquid on the cleaned window; MAHSUN BLADE WINDOW CLEANER has a short plastic handle, and is attachable to MAHSUN GENERAL HANDLEs (20020), too. The angel between the blade edge and the handle is designed to ease washing and drying the surfaces like windows, floors and also walls. Packages are 53cm L x 35.7cm W x 18.5cm H containing 24 each for the LARGE (20126) AND 48cm L x 25.5cm W x 16cm H containing 24 each for the SMALL (20181).

Dimensions 23*2.5*19
Handle Length
Handle Material
Body Material
Head Material Foam
Head Dimensions 34
Changable Head