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Irsa PVA Mop

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Irsa PVA Mop

IRSA PVA MOP is a new, perfect MAHSUN product with many crucial and efficient innovations. This mop has a sponge with high absorbing and cleaning features like other mops. The sponge is hard and stiff before usage although becomes soft and flexible after each soaking. It is made of PVA (poly vinyl alcohol), which is absolutely anti-bacterial. An additional innovation is the elimination of the metal bolt on the refill, which makes the replacement easier, yet no tool is needed while refilling. IRSA PVA MOP also includes four sets of rollers for better and faster wringing. It also has two mobile plastic levers between the rollers, which end in more efficient wringing of the PVA foam, resulting in a drier mop head. A common complaint on other PVA mops was the deformation of the mop head after a few times wringing. The latest innovative improvement in IRSA PVA MOP is the adjustment plastic bolt of the foam state, which can adjust the foam distance from the rollers. Handle length is adjustable and two locks (inner and outer) are installed for the adjustment. A reinforced plastic handhold is installed in the middle to rinse and wring the PVA mop head. It is enough to pull the handhold up to wring the mop head entirely. In contrast with the other mops made of textile, IRSA PVA MOP works cleanly for a long time because of the proper wringing and anti-bacterial material. The packages are 107cm. L x 37cm. W x 37cm. H containing 12 each. *IRSA is the RAINBOW: in elegancy.

Dimensions 27*7*130
Handle Length 120
Handle Material Stainless steel rotating and telescopic handle
Body Material PVA (poly vinyl alcohol)
Head Material Foam
Head Dimensions 27*7
Changable Head