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Mops And Buckets

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Spray Mop

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Brushes and Brooms

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Irsa Dustpan Set

No need to hide your dustpan sets away anymore, because IRSA will play the role of an ornamental item in your kitchen, workplace, etc. IRSA DUSTPAN SET is a new MAHSUN product with a beautiful and exclusive design. The exceptional design of IRSA DUSTPAN SET has made the application possible both...

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Cleaning Cloths and Dusters

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Mahsun Microfiber Terry Cloth

MAHSUN MICROFIBER TERRY CLOTH is made by micro technology and is a clean-cut example of house cleaning industry development. It can absorb water up to 7 times its weight. By introduction of microfiber products, house cleaning has become more of an easy job. A wonderful feature of MAHSUN MICROFIBER...

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Window Cleaners

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Mahsun Blade Window Cleaner(LARGE)

MAHSUN BLADE WINDOW CLEANER is marketed in two different sizes: SMALL (20181), which is as wide as 23 centimeters, and LARGE (20126), which is as wide as 34 centimeters. It has a rubber blade made of soft PVC that does not leave a trace of washing liquid on the cleaned window; MAHSUN BLADE WINDOW...

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Metal Squeegee 50Cm (With handle)

MAHSUN METAL SQUEEGEE (50cm) [with handle] with metal body is a commercial cleaning tool with long lasting feature. MAHSUN METAL SQUEEGEE is used to clean floors, and even walls and windows of places that need to be cleaned repeatedly and extensively. With metal body and thin, one-layered rubber...

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Door Mats

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Mahsun Indoor Mat

MAHSUN INDOOR MAT is good for indoor spaces like kitchens and bathrooms. The coating is unwoven fabric, which absorbs water quickly, and the underlying layer is PVC. MAHSUNINDOOR MAT has beautiful and different printed designs matching indoor spaces. The dimension is almost 50cm x 70cm, which varies...

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Mops & Brooms Handles

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Mahsun General Handle 120cm

Almost all MAHSUN products (mops, polishers, squeegees, brooms and brushes), which are sold without handles, can be attached to MAHSUN GENERAL HANDLEs [120cm], which are made of resistant iron sheets and have Universal plastic screws and are all coated with electrostatic paint. Electrostatic...

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Industrial Cleaning

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Mahsun Cleaning Cart

MAHSUN CLEANING CART is designed for transporting bucket, wringer and all other cleaning tools in big centers. It is suitable for hospitals, airports, train stations, terminals, hotels, malls and shopping centers, factories, offices, residential and office towers, restaurants, etc. The body and...

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